Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes for May 20, 2008

Oct 12, 2008

President Robinette called the meeting to order and the Pledge was said.

HNA board was introduced

Treasurer’s report approved as read and 2nd
Secretary’s report approved as read and 2nd

Old business was discusses that included the fund raiser to be held at the pool. BBQ plates were discussed and hand out to be signed for those that would donate potato salad and beans…the membership was informed that the neighborhood yard sale spaces would be $10...an advertising banner was in place at the pool and the duck pond

Volunteer list was passed for specific projects and members asked to sign up

**maintenance of Potranco and Fillmore entrances
**remove trash from Marbach fenceline once a week
**power washing team in place
**area graffiti wipe out teams

Introduced was Sandra Jenkins ..Interim assistant Animal Care Services

She discussed ordinance changes that included microchips to replace tags Dangerous dogs to wear orange and red collars Animal control is a continuing issue and educating the public at large is a priority regarding spay, neutering and confining their animals.

The goal is to have a no kill shelter but until the general population begins to unstand their responsibility it will be difficult..

President Robinette thanked Ms Jenkins for her presentation.

Code Compliance Officer Zunica announced the area sweep was productive with multiple violations cited and that 270 went to court last year.

Citizens On Patrol (COP)classes are to be held at the Culubra sub station June 19th-26th,Aug 14th-21st ,and Sept 11th-18th……..6PM-10PM

President Robinette thanked the speakers and encouraged all to please use 311 to report ANY infractons noted in the area as this is the city’s contact point and is very effective

At the last minute a representative of the Park Police gave a heartfelt plea to the citizens regarding the Police Department absorbing the Park Police and the uncertainty of what would happen to the years in service and benefits the currant force had in place…representatives from Councilman Cortez’s office would bring his concerns to Councilman Cortez’s attention

The meeting was adjourned, approved and seconded.

ACCOUNTED AND RECORDED on this 20th day of May 2008...Lisa Gagnon, HNA Secretary

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