Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes for July 15, 2008

Oct 12, 2008

President Robinette called the meeting to order and the Pledge was said.

HNA board was introduced
Treasurer Bert Ramirez explained to the membership(with a handout as well) the constant costs incurred by the Association on a monthly and annual basis. The total raised from the BBQ and yard sale was $565.56. Report was approved as read and 2nd.

Secretary’s report approved as read and 2nd

President Robinette discussed old business. .regarding the ongoing updating of mains by BexarMet on Rio Linda,Churing ,Temple Square and Billings…the company is aware the ageing system is a problem.

Thanked the graffiti team for all the constant work they do in areas hardest hit in the subdivision

Pool transfer ownership from Heritage to the city should happened in a very short time frame and plans are in the works to update this project. This will be the 24th city pool and the 3rd outside 410..intend opening the summer of ‘09.

Thanks to Myers Drew for 10 years mowing entrances
Thanked all the volunteers for their hours of help in organizing and manning the BBQ and yard sale.

The membership is just short of 100 and hope to top that by September…Corporate sponsorship is increasing.

New business…Membership renewal is due the month of September

Animal care officers from the city’s new facility on 151 were introduced: Christine Helmke and Aaron Brisco 160,000 animals to be spayed and neutered in the next 5 years..the program “nip and chip” with a $10 co-pay for qualified citizens animals 6 mos and under.. license tags will no longer be issued.. Microchips are the new tracking devises. Rabies are occurring in the wild population and all are encouraged to get their animals vaccinated,

Feral cats were discussed and the catch and release program was met with some resistance from the membership. Feral Cat Coalition had a handout for more information call 210-877-9067
President Robinette thanked them for their presentation.

Ray Garza from Councilman Cortez’s office discussed the firework problem and a neighborhood sweep was proposed at the next round of the usual on the holidays.

Gas cards for COP was reminded they are available.

SAAFE Officer Mike Kilmer stated units were pulled to the Eastside May/June/July.
There were 4 teams out in Heritage curfew violators were caught..in June 3 taggers were apprehended and prosecuted ,catalytic converters are being stolen from cars for the platinum and impossible to tract.

The meeting was adjourned, approved and seconded
Accounted and recorded this 15th day of July 2008..Lisa Gagnon,…HNA secretary

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