Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Meeting Minutes April, 2008

Apr 20, 2008

President Robinette called the meeting to order and the Pledge was said.

HNA board was introduced

Treasurer’s report approved as read and 2nd
Secretary’s report approved as read and 2nd

Guests were introduced that included BexarMet water district officials Gil Olivares (General Manager),Jesse Morin(Director of Finance),Nathan Riggs(Water Efficiency Manager),Humberto Ramos (Assistant Director of Water Resources), Mike Thuss(Director of Operations/Engineering),Hank Waggy(Engineering) and Blanche Atkinson, Board of
Directors District 3

Representative s from City Councilman Cortez’s office, SAAFE officers and Code compliance
Cellular on Patrol training officer Officer Valle

President Robinette updated the membership on the graffiti removal and that the power washing would begin ASAP…water has been turned on at the pool house so we now have our source.

Monies from the bond have been partly allocated to start on the plans for the pool area.

China Garden’s has joined as a corporate sponsor and has offered anyone in the Heritage area 20% discount

Dr Garcia’s Dental (Heritage Dental) donated $300
Ideal Vision joined
(Please support these businesses)

New Business.
June 28th HNA will sell BBQ plates to go…more information will be at May’s meeting.

BexarMet water district then gave a lengthy presentation on the history of the water district and the need for the rate increase due to the vast territory it covers and the growth the district has inherited . They explained the aging system and why the delivery system was failing in many areas.

The need to replace the system was expensive and lengthy and sooner than anticipated …it costs ½ million to 1 million per mile of pipeline Water sources are varied from Edwards, Rose & Trinity aquifers to the Medina river to safeguard against drought .

Debate from the membership was back and forth with questions regarding replacement of delivery systems, constant breakage in some areas…

BexarMet addressed all questions and tried to give start dates. It was also stated the rate increase at this time was indefinite and depended on the fazing in of capital needs

SAAFE Officer Mike Kilmer reported on the fact that there would be a shortage of officers to respond to calls due to the fact that Fiesta required manpower in town.

Cellular on Patrol training officer, Officer Valle discussed the value of this program and that Councilman Cortez’s office was offering $20 gas cards for those that patrolled. how and what to look for will be taught at the training sessions and those that desire are encouraged to go on a 8 hour shift patrolling with a on duty officer…cellular phones are provided with a direct connection to emergency assistance…….a number of members expressed interest. Training is in two 4 hour classes.

Application forms were available.
Councilman Cortez was delayed but was able to talk briefly to the membership.. Apologized to the members for the Toyoto fiasco which was acknowledged and accepted . He than listened to the membership regarding their complaints and took notes saying he would find answers and get back to them.

The general membership then mingled with the presenters and much “give and take” was had by all.

President Robinette thanked all the presenters and the meeting was adjourned, approved and seconded.

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