Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes November 2008

Jan 11, 2009

President Robinette called the meeting to order and the Pledge was said. This was an early meeting 6:30 P.M. to accommodate the public meeting with the City of SA to discuss happenings at the pool.

HNA board was introduced Treasurer’s report approved as read and 2nd Secretary’s report was not available due to unavoidable absence October 21,2008

Guests were introduced: Jeff Peterson,Tim Salas (Philip Cortez’s office),Code Compliance Officer Moises Zuniga and Pat Schnider from the city’s capital improvement office and Terra Design Group.

Old Business was quickly discussed:
HNA came in 3rd in the city for our National Night Out event and was shown the sign we received as our reward.
no place has yet been chosen where to display the sign (we also have 2 others)

The pool was officially turned over to Parks and Recreation Department

Gazabo at the duck pond was repainted again due to the graffiti the plagues the area

Bexar Met continues to replace and fix broken and aged water lines

Officer Zuniga reported that the group home that has alarmed residents on Old Lake is under investigation (this was resolved several days later with the forced evacuation and safe placement of the residents out of the area. .much to the excellent work of code compliance and the police and Human services)

HNA Christmas party will be at Coyote Canyon(by affirmation) December 16th @7PM

The meeting was then opened to discuss possible changes to the pool and what needs to be done to bring the area up to code…Terra Design Group (Walter Hurd and Mark Sapp) presented a power point presentation. Regarding to pool itself the structural team found it to be in pretty sound shape but needs leveling and resurfacing (relining), plumbing and drainage needs upgrading.
The restrooms need to be upgraded to meet ADA design which will do away with the refreshment stand.

The mechanical building will be demolished.
Parking,fencing will all be upgraded…ADA access…there will be decking ,lighting and landscaping…it was mentioned a waterjet area for the younger set (older too)
It was mentioned that this bond that covers the redo is limited in funds and only so much money is available now.

SUGGESTIONS for the membership was received with enthusiasm by the Design Group and this would go forward in the next bond issue. Many suggestions from parking, tennis courts, landscaping, lighting and graffiti control..The Group was thanked and the forum was brought to a close.

New Business was continued…President Robinette reminded members of the continuing battle with graffiti, bandit signs( the general membership was asked to help removing the signs.) Paint teams were out covering up the graffiti ..the membership was asked to call 311 for any infractions noted

President Robinette clarified the contribution HNA made to the family who lost their son to the tragic accident on Dugas as only a one time event and would not be repeated.

Chuck Parks asked for volunteers for COP ,that is outside the HNA group and stands alone but needs help

Volunteers needed for alley cleanup December 6th (Klondike,Longmont,Churing)

Ellen Johnson won the drawing for dinner at China Garden

The general membership then mingled with the presenters and much was discussed with those there. New members were encouraged to join at this time

President Robinette thanked all the presenters and the membership. She reminded all that there would be no HNA meeting in December and wished everyone a safe and happy holiday. The meeting was adjourned, approved and seconded.

ACCOUNTED AND RECORDED this 18th of November.2008.
Lisa Gagnon,HNA secretary

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