Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes January 15, 2008

Mar 16, 2008

(1.) Meeting called to order by President Robinette followed by Pledge of Allegiance

(2.) Introduction of HNA Board; SAFFE Officer Kilmer; Jeff Petersen, Constituent Representative for State Representative Jose Menedez; and Code Compliance Officer Zuniga

(3.) Treasurer's Report - approved and acknowledged

(4.) Secretary's Report - Nov 27, 07 meeting minutes approved and acknowledged

(5.) Old Business:

a. The HNA Christmas Dinner was fun for all attendees.

b. The cleanup project along the Heritage fence line on Marbach road and in the pool area was a great success. Thanks to the HNA volunteers and help from Councilman Cortez and Ray Garza, District 4 Constituent Representative.

c. HNA is currently involved in a membership drive to include corporate membership for local business. The HNA membership is expanding and our first corporate members are Ideal Vision on Potranco Road and Performance Automotive on Marbach Road.

(6.) New Business:

a. A survey was passed around to the membership to gain information on the guest speakers the HNA wants in the future. In addition, a list was passed around for the members to indicate the areas they would be interested in being a volunteer.

b. "Recognition of Those Who Care" - A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Ray Garza, HNA's District 4 Constituent Representive. Volunteers were recognized by name that were involved in decorating the entrances for Christmas; participating in the massive cleanup; and providing a "volunteer" lunch during the cleanup.

c. Code Compliance Issues:

(1) There are 744 rentals in the Heritage subdivision which is 17% of the 4280 housing units in Heritage. 206 (28% of the total 17%)of the rentals are in the townhouse and duplex area. Chronic violations are prevalent in the townhouse /duplex area. This problem is being addressed.

(2) The HNA is currently concentrating on inoperable vehicles, outside storage, and front/side parking. To preclude our residents from being sited for front/side yard parking, the HNA is going to be notifying our residents who appear to be parking on their lawn and informing them of them of their options.

d. Next Month Scheduled Speakers: Candidates for County Commisioner in Precinct 1, and SAPD presentation on gang and graffiti problem in San Antonio.

e. A poll was taken to determine if Heritage would want a Bexar Met paystation back in the area. The results was "yes". This info was requested by Blanch Atkinson, Bexar Met Board Member for District 3.

f. Duck population at Heritage Duck Pond Park was discussed. The HNA will address this issue.

g. Fund raising was briefly discussed, and getting ideas on how to raise money is something to start thinking about. This discussion will be continued at a later date.

(7.) The scheduled guest speaker on gang and graffiti was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. SAFFE Officer Kilmer updated the membership saying the city would be resdistricting the police force due to the population explosion in the area. He emphasized to use common sense and to report violators. He pointed out the importance of citizens to get involved when they see suspicious behavior.

(8.) Councilman Cortez made a brief appearnace at the end of the meeting and stayed after meeting adjournment to talk with menbers.

(9.) Meeting adjourned

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