Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes May 17, 2011

  • President Robinette called  meeting to order followed by Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introduction of guests: CC Officer, SAFFE Officer, District 4 Constituent Representative, State Rep Menendez’s Constituent Representative, and guest speaker.
  • Treasurer’s report approved
  • Mar 22, 2011 HNA meeting minutes approved (April meeting was Candidates Forum)
  • Welcomed newcomers
  • Recognized volunteers who: mows the easement along Marbach fence line; maintains those entrances on Potranco Rd.; monitors and reports code violations; wipes out graffiti; worked on the community yard sale; and those who set up for the Candidates forum held April 19th. Without our volunteers, we would accomplish very little.
  • Councilman Elect, Mr. Rey Saldana, stopped in for a brief visit.  He was presented a HNA T-shirt.  He spoke to the membership about the task at hand and reiterated that he knows the needs and wants in Heritage and looks forward to working with us to achieve our goals for Heritage.
  • Old Business:
  • Calner Love and Art Mendez volunteered to paint over graffiti on Ellison Dr. and Dugas.

 Many thanks to them, and to all our graffiti removal volunteers.

  •  Candidates Forum held Apr 19th was a great success.  Lots of positive feedback from the candidates campaign managers, but more importantly positive feedback from the residents of Heritage who attended the forum.
  • Lisa Gagnon gave update of the successful community yard held on March 26th.  The next yard sale will be held mid October.
  • New Business:
  • Dedication of the pool will be June 10th, 5 to 7p.m. for Heritage residents only.
  • The pool officially opens June 11th. Hours will be 1 to 7 p.m. every day except Mondays it will be closed.
  • The community bulletin board will be put up by the pool May 28th.
  • The purchase of a plaque in memory of Nancy Engelbert, past HNA president, was approved by the membership.  Nancy’s dream was to see our pool, which closed in 2002, be reopened for our residents.  After her death in 2004 the HNA continued working on getting a pool for Heritage and it became a reality when the pool was on the 2007 Bond Issue and was passed by the voters.
  • The HNA is gearing up for the annual National Night Out (NNO) event, Oct 4, 2011, at the Heritage Duck Pond Park.  Heritage won the 2010 NNO Overall for the City of San Antonio and we will work hard to see if we can achieve 1st place for 2011.
  • No HNA meetings in June or July.  Members will be notified of the August meeting.
  • Code Compliance Officer Dromgoole gave an update on the mini sweep in the townhouse area that includes the fence line along Marbach Rd.  Specifically, a total of 115 violations were noted; 40 junked vehicles; 50 alley way violations; 15 fences in need of repair; 10 outside storage and trash in yards.
  • SAFFE Officer Kilmer announced three additional SAFFE officers have been assigned to the Westside Substation as a result of the District 4 President’s meeting which had the SAPD Deputy Commander as guest speaker.  President Robinette attended this meeting and pointed out the more areas SAFFE Officers have to cover the less effective he/she becomes in helping any neighborhood.
  • Tim Salas, District 4 constituent representative, gave status on traffic light at Fillmore and Potranco.  The light standards are in place and will become functional in the near future.
  • Jeff Peterson, constituent representative for State Rep Jose Menendez, gave status on state legislation regarding the graffiti and texting bills.
  • Guest Speaker, Mr. David McCary, Director, Solid Waste Management Department, gave a very informative presentation.  The major points were:

-           San Antonio is striving for 60% of all trash be recycled by 2020.  This includes the recycle of organic matter i.e. food scraps, grass clippings, etc. Currently there is a pilot program whereby 30,000 homes will receive a third receptacle for this purpose.  Heritage is not in the program.

-          The new brush and bulky items pickup is part of the recycle project.  The brush (no bulky items) will be picked up twice a year and recycled.  Bulky items once a year (no brush).

  • Meeting adjourned.  As is the practice at all meetings, the membership and new comers had the opportunity to have a one and one conversation with the guests and board members, socialize, and join or renew membership
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