Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes March 22, 2011

  • President Robinette called meeting to order followed by Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introduction of Guests:  District Code Compliance (CC) supervisor, CC Officer, District 4 Constituent representative, SAFFE Officer, State Rep Menendez Constituent representative, and guest speaker
  • Treasurer’s report approved
  • Feb 22, 2011 minutes approved
  • Welcomed Newcomers
  • Recognition of volunteers who power wash and paint over graffiti ; report code violations; remove bandit signs; and those working on the upcoming community yard sale
  • Old Business:
  •  HNA received payment from driver’s auto insurance co. for repair of Fillmore entry sign.
  • Ms. Kathy Luna, candidate for District #4 Council, was given a tour of Heritage.  She understands our needs and wants for our community.
  • Lisa Gagnon gave an update on the community yard sale being held March 26, 2011.
  • New Business:
  • Ellison at Potranco entry sign repair will be paid for by the driver’s insurance co.
  • A contractor has been hired to mow Marbach entry way every two weeks at $25.00 per cut from April through Oct with extension if necessary.
  • A mini sweep of indentifying code violations in the town house area is in progress.  This includes those fences alone Marbach Rd. that are in need of repair.
  • Brush pickup is scheduled for May and November with bulky items pickup in August. It was stressed that people need to read their notification sign to know exactly what can be put out for pickup.
  • Need volunteers to paint over graffiti on Dugas and Ellison.
  • New Business Member is Post 2 Post Landscaping, Carlos Gutierrez, owner 629-8246.
  • Candidates Forum April 19th – The April 19th HNA meeting will be devoted entirely to a moderated District 4 Candidates Forum.  The three candidates; Ms. Kathy Luna, Mr. Rey Saldana, and Ms. Cantu have accepted our invitation.  HNA business will be suspended until May 17th meeting.
  • A question form was distributed to the people present who were asked to write out the question(s) they would like to ask the candidates.  This information will be used by the HNA Board in formulating questions for the moderator to ask the candidates during the forum.
  • Guest Speaker, Mr. Tony Bozman, Director of the Officer of Customer 311 Service, gave a fascinating account on the development of the 311 system whereby citizens can reach the different city department by contacting one number.  Mr. Bozman started this concept which is now a program going nationwide.
  • Meeting adjourned – As is the practice at all meetings, after the meeting is adjourned, the membership and new comers have the opportunity to talk one on one with the guests and board members, socialize and join or renew membership.
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