Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes Sep 20, 2011

President called meeting to order  followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction of guests: 

CC Officer, SAFFE Officer, District 4 constituent representative, State Representative Menedez constituent representative.

Treasurer’s report:

approved, an audit will take place before October HNA meeting

Sep 8, 2011 HNA meeting minutes approved

Welcomed new comers

Recognized those volunteers who monitor and report code violations; who monitor and remove graffiti; and those who made and put up new entry way signs.

Old Business:

New entry signs at intersection of Potranco Rd and Dugas St.

Community Yard Sale coordinator, Lisa Gagnon, gave an update on the yard
sale scheduled for Oct 22nd
She asked for volunteers to distribute flyers and be available day of
yard sale.

The plaque honoring Nancy Engelbert, past HNA president, was approved by the city and will be purchased by the HNA. It will be placed on the pool house at the new Heritage pool.  Dedication ceremony will be announced.

An extensive update was given on the preparation for the Heritage National Night Out (NNO) event that will be held Oct 4th, 6 to 9p.m. at The Heritage Duck Pond Park.

New Business:

HNA Board Elections were held. Results are as follows:

“Robbie” Robinette, President

Joyce Jansen, Vice President

D. Dorsey, Secretary

“Bert” Ramirez, Treasurer

“Chuck” Parks, Director

Mark Osar, Director

Richard Zagrocki, Director

State of Texas legislative update was given by Jeff Peterson, constituent representative for State Rep Menedez.

Open Forum:

A guest speaker was not scheduled for this meeting so the membership could discuss topics of interest to them.  Two topics that generated lots of interest were: (1) future speakers; and (2) how to generate new membership in the HNA.

A list has been compiled for future speakers.  Bexar Met will be ask to speak at the Oct 18th meeting because of the upcoming election that will allow Bexar Met rate payers choose between Bexar Met and Saws to be their water supplier.

A short term idea for generating HNA membership is to offer an October special of $10.00 for a one year membership for Heritage residents that have not been a HNA member for the past five years. 
This special would be announced at the Oct 4th NNO event, Oct 18th HNA meeting and the Oct 22ned community yard sale.  The special would be valid until Oct 31st, 2011.  The present membership understands and agrees this special would not apply to them.

Another idea proposed and agreed upon will be to wait until spring and approach those homeowners or renters who obviously take care of their property and invite them to become members at the $10.00 membership rate.

Meeting Adjourned. 

As is the practice at all meetings, the membership and new comers had the opportunity to
have a one on one conversation with the guests and board members; socialize; and join the HNA or renew their membership.

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