Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes Sep 8, 2011

Note:  This meeting was scheduled for end of August but delayed to this date.

President Robinette called meeting to order followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

Introduction of Board and guests

Treasurer’s report


May 17th HNA meeting minutes approved (last meeting before summer break) recognized HNA volunteers involved in making Heritage a great place to live.

Old Business:

 Community bulletin board now in place by new pool

B. J. Jones gave a power point presentation to our councilman’s staff and applicable city departments on the vendor problem at the Heritage Duck Pond Park.  The park police have since diminished the problem to an occasional violation.

Pool  dedication on June 10th  a great success.

Traffic light at intersection of Potranco Rd and Fillmore St is fully operational.

New Business:

New HNA website and email address signs are on the large and small community bulletin boards.

An update was given on the preparation for the Heritage National Night Out event to be held in Oct.  State Representative Jose Menendez donated $50.00 toward the expense of this event.

A community yard sale will be held Oct 22nd with a rain date of Oct 29th.  Lisa Gagnon is coordinator
for this event.

No speaker is scheduled for Sep 20th HNA meeting.  Open forum for the membership.

HNA Board elections will be held during Sep 20th HNA meeting.

President Robinette gave an update on the first District 4 Presidents meeting.  Councilman Saldana “handed out homework”.  Wanted to know what we want from him during his term in office in relation to streets, sidewalks, 2012 bond Issue, etc.

New entrance signs at Dugas and Potranco will be in place by end of Sep.

Introduced new code compliance Officer, Officer Rick Ayala.

Jeff Peterson, constituent rep for State Rep Menedez gave legislative update: i.e.  Voter ID passed: stronger punishment for graffiti died in senate; HB 22 stipulated $500 or more in fines will be levied on violators of a gang injunction; and Bexar Met rate payers will be able to vote in November on who they want for their water supplier.

Guest Speaker:
Councilman Rey Saldana, of District,  introduced his staff, many of whom are familiar faces.  He feels the leaders of District 4 have given him a clear picture of the needs of the district.  He announced President Robinette was appointed to the Parks and Recreation 2012 Bond committee.

Meeting Adjourned

As is the practice at all meetings, the membership and new comers had the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with the guests and board members; socialize; and join the HNA or renew their membership.

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