Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes January 22, 2013

Heritage Neighborhood Association

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meeting Minutes



Board Members Present:

Barbara “Robbie” Robinette   - President

Joyce Jansen –Vice President

Humberto “Bert” Ramirez

D. Dorsey  - Secretary

Mark Osar  - Director

Richard Zagrocki  - Director


Meeting called to order, followed by Pledge of Allegiance


Treasurer’s report read and accepted

Secretary – November 27, 2012 minutes read and accepted


Introduction of Guests:  guest
speaker - Mark Peterson from SAWS

Ray Garza, District 4 constituent representative

SAPD SAFFE Officer Michael Kilmer

Code Enforcement Officer Rick Ayala


Volunteer Recognition: Mark Osar was acknowledged for his hard work on maintaining the Marbach fence line.  D. Dorsey was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding work as the HNA Membership Coordinator and as a member of the HNA Board of Directors.


Old Business:

 Treasurer’s position still open

Pond Walkers will begin in spring

New Business:

 Community yard sale (CYS) is scheduled for March 23, 2013 with a rain date of April 6th. Lisa Gagnon is the CYS coordinator and will accept calls (673-5935) no earlier than March 4th
and no later than March 20th to reserve a space.  Volunteers will be needed for distributing
flyers, set up on day of sale to include parking for loading and unloading, and monitoring of the sale.

1604 expansion from Bandera Rd to Culebra Rd will begin later in 2013. Overpasses will be built over Braun, New Gilbeau, and Schaenfield roads with access roads.


Hunt Lane Project is 60% completed; however, work has stopped due to the contractor filing for bankruptcy. The bonding company is re-bidding the project and wants a contractor in place and working by early March.  The bonding company is responsible for maintaining those areas already worked in a safe condition. A priority is to complete the extension of Heritage Farm to Hunt Lane, so
Sugarloaf can be closed temporarily in order to finish the road in front of school to Potranco.


Zoning Request has been made to change the zoning of land on the corner of Fillmore and Potranco from C3R to C2 for the purpose of building a strip mall with Babe’s Hamburgers being the anchor
business.  Babe’s is a sit down family restaurant that can sell beer to patrons. 

The HNA approved this request.

2012 Bond Update – the city is hiring the same designer of the Heritage Pool to design the future skate park that will be located at the Heritage Duck Pond Park.


Guest Speaker for Feb 19th HNA meeting will be SAPD Captain Rosalinda Vasquez, Commander of West Side Patrol.

The membership voted to change HNA Board elections from September to October.

Heritage residents who have not been an HNA member for the past five years will be eligible to join the HNA for half price for one year when they attend an HNA meeting. This is a part of the upcoming membership drive.

Richard Zagrocki is chairman of the Yard of the Month (YOM) committee. More info is forthcoming on YOM.


Joyce Jansen and Lisa Gagnon are working with Code Enforcement Officer Ayala in the town house and duplex area.

Graffiti volunteers will contact Chuck Parks for needed paint.


Ray Garza will check on getting transportation for members to tour Pearsall Park.


Effective January 1, 2013 waste collection will be provided by the City of San Antonio.


A member brought up finding shoes with laces tied, thrown over power lines. Our code officer, Rick Ayala said this is a sign people make to say drugs are sold here. He will contact CPS to have them


National Night Out 2013 preparation was discussed. Mark Osar will be the NNO coordinator responsible for reserving the park basketball court, 8X10 flatbed trailer, and coordinating electrical needs for the event.  More coordinator positions will be forthcoming.


SAWS water rates may be raised in the near future.  This will not affect previous Bexar Met customers. SAWS is proposing an ordinance that will change watering times; the use of fountains, and days of washing vehicles.


Guest Speaker, Mark Peterson, SAWS Conservation Project Coordinator, spoke to the membership about rain water harvesting, and those indoor/outdoor rebates that are available from SAWS. For details regarding applications, program qualifications and rebate amounts can be found online at www.saws.org/conservation or call (210) 704-7283. For rain water harvesting to www.arcas.org.


Meeting adjourned.

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