Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes October 15, 2013

Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Board Members


Barbara Robinette – President                                   Richard Zagrocki – Director

Joyce Jansen – Vice President                                    Mark Osar – Director

D Dorsey – Secretary                                                      Chuck
Parks – Director

Bert Ramirez – Treasurer


Meeting was called to
order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Introduction of the
HNA Board and guests


Welcomed newcomers

Treasurer’s report
given and accepted by membership

HNA Sep 17, 2013
meeting minutes approved by membership


Volunteers were
for their efforts to keep Heritage a safe, fun to live.  Also, those volunteers who made the HNA
National Night Out a huge success were recognized.

Without our hardworking HNA volunteers Heritage would lose
the battle of protecting Heritage property values.


Old Business:


    * The completion
date for the Hunt Lane project is Dec 19, 2013

    * The HNA National
Night Out event held on Oct 1, 2013 was a huge success.  An application for City

Project Funds was submitted to help with the cost of this event.  The HNA will be submitting

pictures, and DVD for the SA NNO award competition.


New Business:


    * The HNA
purchased new signs (on display).  The
large sign will replace a portion of the large bulletin

        board that is
located inside the pool grounds.  Eight
Signs were made to put at our entrances to

        advertise HNA
meetings and four Yard of the Month (YOM) signs will be used in the future YOM


    *  Due to thoroughfare traffic on Heritage Farm
and S. Ellison the HNA is requesting a three way stop

        at the intersection of S. Ellison and Heritage
Farm and a four way stop at S. Ellison and Hayloft and

        speed bump(s)
on Heritage Farm between Hunt Lane and Saddlebrook.

    *  Nov 19, 2013 there will be a HNA/public
meeting to start discussion on about how the residents

        want to spend
the  $400,000 bond money  for  Heritage.


HNA Board Elections:
 Three Board members decided to step down
this year.  Four board members elected to
stay and were voted to remain on the board by acclamation.



The new HNA board members
are as follows:


Barbara L. Robinette,
President                                                Mark
Osar, Director

Jerry Cook, Vice
President                                          Richard
Zagrocki, Director

D Dorsey, Secretary                                                        David
Perez, Director

Wilma Johnson,


Membership discussion
– This portion of the meeting was open to discussion on topics of interest
to our members.  Discussion topics
included 1) the security of neighbors watching out for neighbors; 2) the HNA
sole purpose of protecting property values and how that relates to
providing  amenities and not tolerating
code violations which in turn has an impact on the safety and security of
Heritage residents; 3) the upcoming bond issue; 4) need for speed bump repairs;
5) panhandlers in Heritage; 6) traffic 
issues and other items of interest.


Meeting was adjourned
and attendees invited to renew membership or join the HNA.














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