Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes January 2014


Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Board Members

Barbara Robinette – President                                                  

David Perez –Director

Jerry Cook – Vice President                                                        

Mark Osar -Director

Wilma Johnson – Treasurer                                                        

Richard Zagrocki - Director

D Dorsey – Secretary


Meeting was called
to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Introduction of
HNA Board and guest speakers from CPS: Daniel Fisher and Debbie Gunn


* Treasurer’s Report given and approved – Wilma Johnson

* Approval of Nov., 2013 HNA meeting minutes – D Dorsey


* Volunteers were recognized for their ongoing service to
the HNA.


*SAFFE Officer Michael Kilmer brought the HNA up to date
on the recent change in reallocation of manpower and lessening of the area of service
for the Westside Patrol Unit (WPU).  Heritage
will be served by two SAFFE Officers. The dividing line of service will be S.
Ellison.  More information is forth


*District 4 Constituent Representative, Ray Garza (210)
207-0882, spoke about the construction on Hunt Lane and projected completion date in February, 2014.  Public Works has found the rubberize speed bumps are not sturdy enough to hold up to the weight of vehicles on heavily traveled streets.   Public Works is repairing damaged bumps.  It is probable new or replacement of speed bumps will be made of concrete.


* State Representative Jose Menendez constituent representative – Jeff Peterson, informed members on voting dates, and early voting. Sign up for newsletter is available and to keep up to date on facebook.


Old Business

* Heritage won 1st place for NNO event for District 4

* Thanks to Councilman Saldana, a check in the amount of $521.63 was given to the HNA to     cover HNA 2013 NNO expenses.


New Business

*President  Robinette will request a comprehensive traffic study Aug/Sept 2014.  This time frame is
based on the following factors:  (1) Hunt Lane completion; (2) CVS Pharmacy and Walmart Market will open in the spring; and (3) the new school year will start in August.  With these factors in place a comprehensive traffic study will give a true reading of the amount of traffic in Heritage and will
determine where stop signs need to be placed to allow safe and continuous traffic flow.

*Recognition of Service for Councilman Saldana will take place at Feb 18th HNA meeting.

*We all care but do we care enough to turn in our code violations to 311; take down illegal signs; and

support the HNA board by volunteering  where  we can. *President Robinette mentioned she will
not be running for president in October.

*HNA Board member David Perez briefed the membership on the proposed 96 unit gated apartment complex that will be built on Marbach road. A portion of that complex will be off S. Ellison. Specifically, eight apartment units and the complex community center with pool will be located
between our city pool and the gas station.  The remaining units will be built west of the pond with the pond being the center piece of this complex. Traffic on S. Ellison will be minimal. A bridge will be built over a portion of the pond for access to this complex’s community center and pool by apartment residents residing west of the pond.  The present zoning of this property allows for apartments.  The HNA Board met with the developer and feels this planned complex is in our best interest.  


 Guest Speakers
– CPS Energy (Daniel Fisher and Debbie Gunn
– Shared the variety of programs offered by CPS to save energy and money on monthly bill. Dial Meters (being phased out), digital meters and smart
meters were explained. For further information on these programs, monthly budgets, and meters are explained further online.


Lisa Gagnon
– spoke about the importance of seniors who may require ‘first alert’, should they need help in case of an emergency (ie: fall, sudden illness). Encouraged to check on the elderly/seniors in your area.


There were three $10.00 cash drawings. Was fun!


Meeting adjourned.


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