Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes March 17, 2015

Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Board Members Present:


Thomas C. Rockeymoore – President

Wilma Johnson - Treasurer

D. Dorsey - Secretary

Mark Osar - First Director

David Perez - Second Director

Richard Zagrocki - Third Director


- Meeting called to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

- Treasurer’s report given by Wilma Johnson, approved as distributed

- Minutes given by D. Dorsey, from the last meeting (February 17, 2015) were approved.


-Welcomed newcomers


Guest Speakers

Captain Guzman and Sergeant Michael Ross of the San Antonio Police Department talked about the following:

* Police substation (7000 Culebra Rd, San Antonio Tx 78238 – 210 207-7420) is responsible for the

   neighborhood, and what the officers are assigned to:


                - Panhandling

                - Graffiti

                - Crimes (up 25% mostly due to family violence)

                - Vehicle burglary

                - 2013 to 2014 (167 violent crimes (no murders or kidnappings)

                - Property Crime (down 30%)

                - Vehicle break-ins (down 20%)

                - Car thief (down 15%)


Residents can request a patrol car to come through the neighborhood. 


Non-emergency police number (270-7273)

911 for emergency


Crime Prevention

  • ·         Use of alarm system
  • ·         Lighting around house
  • ·         Trim bushes
  • ·         Remove valuables that are in sight or can be seen
  • ·         Take home inventory (pictures, serial #’s, and/or video your valuables)

Police officers who occupy lightly marked cars are looking for speeders and other traffic infractions from drivers on the roads.



- Sign at Fillmore and Potranco Rds were replaced. Those who volunteered were recognized.

- T. Rockeymoore, HNA President, mentioned Vice President slot remains open.



Ray Garza (Constituent Services Liaison-District 4)

  • ·         New traffic light on Potranco that HEB will be funding.
  • ·         CVS on Marbach Rd will be funding the medium reconstruction at Adam Hill.
  • ·         Traffic study


Councilman Saldana continue discussion regarding the traffic that continues to be a concern throughout the area.


The former K-Mart on 410 will be used as a charter school.


Re-elections are in six weeks.


Jeff Peterson shared that the old district office is unoccupied. New office is located on 410.

                District phone # 210 – 733 – 6604 / 512 463 0126

                Spoke about the light rails and the wording on the voting ballets.



Cash Drawing


Meeting adjourned.


D. Dorsey



Thomas C. Rockeymoore




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