Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes January 20, 2015

Heritage Neighborhood Association (HNA)

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Board Members Present


Thomas Rockeymoore  -  President

(open) – Vice President

Wilma Johnson – Treasurer

D. Dorsey – Secretary

Mark Osar – Director

David Perez – Director

Richard Zagrocki – Director


-Meeting called to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

-Treasurer’s report given by Wilma Johnson were approved.

- Minutes read by D. Dorsey, from last meeting (Nov. 18, 2014) were approved.


- Newcomers welcomed                          -No guest speakers  



Officer Kilmer informed members, effective February 1, 2015, no cell phone use or texting will be allowed while driving. Bluetooth, and vehicle phone connection can be used. 40% of accidents is the fault of cell phone use.  If caught using cell phone by hand, ticket issued will be $300. In a school zone, $900.


Ray Garza (Constituent Services Liaison-District 4) 

-Concerns about bikes sharing road with vehicles will be shared the with new project engineer.

-Pot holes on Sugarloaf are in need of repair.

-Illegal parking issues on Saddlebrook.

-Homeowners are responsible for keeping vehicles from extending into sidewalk. 311 can be call

     on this violation.



- Replacement of sign at Fillmore/Potranco entrance to be rebuilt, after accident occurred.

- Barbara Robinette, along with Richard Zagrocki check for code violations throughout Heritage.

- As of January 1, 2016, houses in alleyways will be numbered.

- Members were asked to write down who they would like to be a guest speakers at HNA meeting.

- Code Compliance Officers can make out fines.

- It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep curb free of overgrown vegetation.


State Representative Menendez spoke about the election and thanked those who voted. Words of encouragement were extended to the HNA.


Councilman Rey Saldana talked about the neighborhood tour to see what concerns affected Heritage. A bill on not drinking alcohol at bus stops was issued.


Meeting adjourned.

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