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Code Enforcement Services


Code Inspection Process

  • A code violation is recorded when an officer observes a violation or when one is reported using the 311 system or the online reporting process.
  • Reports may be anonymous or a name and contact method can be left if the complainant wishes to make contact with the area officer.
  • The officer must perform his or her initial inspection in accordance with the Department’s required response time (Service Level Agreement or SLA).
  • The officer conducts an inspection for the complaint and any other visible violations in plain sight and documents them with photos.
  • An attempt to contact the occupant of the property is conducted in order to issue a notice in person.  If no one is available a notice is sent to the property owner by certified or first class mail depending on the ordinance requirement.
  • After the required compliance expiration date has elapsed, a second inspection is conducted to check for status. 
  • If the violations have been removed the case is closed.   If the violations remain and no contact with the tenant or owner has been made, the officer may file a case in Municipal Court for civil action.
  • If an officer is able to make contact with the tenant or owner and a plan to comply is presented, the officer can work with the person to reach compliance in a timely manner.

City Codes Enforced
Minimum Property Maintenance
Junk Vehicles
Front and Side Yard Parking
Vacant Lots
Right-of-Way Obstructions


Dangerous Premises Unit

Addresses concerns regarding vacant and dilapidated structures.

The Dangerous Premises Unit is made up of 12 Dangerous Premises Officers and one Supervisor. The Unit is specifically assigned to address concerns regarding unoccupied and dilapidated structures. These structures often threaten the health and safety of surrounding neighborhoods because they attract vagrants and illegal activity and they often become home to rodents and snakes. Many of these structures are potentially unsafe and because of the lack of maintenance, they become dilapidated to the point of potentially collapsing. Depending on the condition of the structure, the structure may be cleaned and secured; or demolished by the City at the owner's expense.

Danny Liguez, Supervisor

(210) 416-2157

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